How to start affiliate marketing

How to start affiliate marketing without any start-up capital

Do you want to make money online by simply clicking and sharing links?

As you already know, here at Million Dollar Corner, it is our job to find ways for you to generate money using online platforms.

In this tutorial, I will be sharing how you can set up an affiliate marketing account and how you can immediately start making money using ShareASale

What is affiliate marketing?

This is where you share other merchants’ products to potential clients so that you get paid a commission.

For online 

business, this requires platforms such as ShareASale 

and Clickbank among others

Why did I choose ShareASale?

One reason – Geographical solution for people in Africa. While Clickbank is the number one solution, it does not cover many African countries.

That is where ShareAsale comes in handy. It covers a wide majority of African countries and you can easily get paid using their simplified payment features.

Learn how to create your account here:

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