Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business Faster

I must say I am having a great time on LinkedIn …


Because, I get to relate with leaders & entrepreneurs who am sure aren’t using this space just to gossip and share status but have the eventual goal of furthering their business agenda

Like my mentor, Coach Phill, always say … “Entrepreneurs will always shape the future of the world.”

As I grow my brand on this platform, I have come across people who don’t want to create meaningful relations and/or fear to sell or be sold to. How ridiculous.

Then why are you hear????

Let me share a secret

At the moment of writing this post, LinkedIn is the next best platform for building your online business brand.

  • It has a lower post decay rate
  • It has a quality post reach
  • The analytics are thorough

If you aim to grow as a Digitopreneur, then LinkedIn should become your favorite hangout. And for all business leaders on this forum, let’s be honest … we are here for business. No CEO has the time to just come and post their lifestyle. The end goal is to eventually convert a friend into a client.

In the business world, you either sell or you’re sold to!

Now that we are clear on that, how do you get the best out of LinkedIn?

  • Give more value than anyone else

Do your research and share without holding back. Make sure that anyone who lands on your content gets value that they can use to change their lives or improve their business/career immediately

  • Create meaningful conversations for your connections

When having inbox connections, do your best to be human and empathetic. We all know we are here to sell but you need to first understand where people are in life and business. The conversations should be geared towards helping them succeed with what you know

  • Look for learning

Allow yourself to learn as well. Remember LinkedIn is full of professionals most of whom have been practicing their skills for over 10 years. When approached well, they can easily share useful nuggets to help you take your business to the next level.

  • Grow your credibility: on your skills, portfolio, testimonials

Whenever you finish a project or course, be sure to update your LinkedIn profile. Remember, LinkedIn is all about your professional/career background and goals. Your connections want to know if you would be the right person to provide them with a service and trust me, they will always check out your profile

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