I Dare All DigitoPreneurs

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The life of any business leader is not a walk in the park. It is filled with lots of challenges which may include losses, rejection, take over, law suits to only mention a few.

As a digitopreneur, your life is not that different. In fact, yours is even more challenging since you have a much bigger stage to deal with. You therefore have more to deal with. You have more people to judge your work, criticize, rebuke and even bad mouth your products/services.

There is also a brighter side for you. More people to reach out to.

How do you ensure you navigate smoothly through this digital business jungle full of land mines?

  • Master your craft

Take time to learn and become the master of whatever services you provide. You have to narrow down the chances of user knowing more about your services better than you.

Stay ahead of the curve and do research to anticipate trends, emerging technologies in your field and how better you can serve your market.

This way, you will always have happy clients who will ultimately become raving fans

  • Choose your niche

Let’s face facts, you can’t serve everyone. Also, not everyone will appreciate your products/services.

So, you have to package your services for a specific niche that really needs your product. You have to dig deeper and find a specific need within the general client base that you can serve exceptionally to the best of your capabilities.

This will help you reduce marketing costs and also get more delighted clients

  • Take criticism positively and thank them for it. if the criticism doesn’t help, then ignore it

No one is perfect. So, there will always be some criticisms for your services. I bet you’ve already got some criticisms for this article!

What does this mean for you? One thing, growth opportunity.

Every one who takes time to critic your work actually cares about you and your clients. Whether they know it or not. So always take criticism as a blessing and reflect on what you could do better

  • Celebrate your wins

This is one of the overlooked aspects of business yet so important for the soul and mind of any digitopreneur.

As your business progresses and grows, there are wins and you must celebrate even in the smallest way possible. It could even be just a $30 cake for the team so long as it is specific to a particular win. This will help you recover from all the huddles you had to overcome to realize success.

Every time you celebrate a win, it gives you a good feeling and motivates you to go for even more achievements

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