How to Run a Successful E-Commerce Business in 2020.

successful online business

You too can Own your own e-commerce shop today! …

In most countries around the world, many business people cannot pay their commercial rent arrears due to the fact that business was low.

Guess what, Stop paying those high shop rental fees. We are in a period where rent has become the nightmare that wakes up entrepreneurs in the night.

It doesn’t take much to own your own online store also known as an e-commerce shop.

There are a number of tools right now that can help anyone own an e-store. You don’t even need coding skills anymore. All you need is time and a willingness to learn along the way

So, what determines success for your online store/shop

  • Choose your niche

I have seen many digital entrepreneurs try and fail at running an e-commerce business. Usually, their biggest mistake is trying to serve everyone.

I have and always will tell you about choosing a niche. For those who don’t know, a niche is a specific, micro segment of the market that suits the exact characteristics of your most suitable client.

This segment should be one that will easily be delighted with your services. One thing is for sure, you can’t satisfy everyone.

In an era where we have Amazon, Alibaba, Jumia and so on, you can’t risk running a general merchandise e-commerce store unless you have big financial muscle.

  • Leverage on your already existing knowledge and strengths

Just because coffee mugs are selling doesn’t mean you should jump into the rush.

Always go where you already have expertise and have a vast knowledge when it comes to trading. Why? An e-commerce store is just an extension of yourself.

Customers can tell when you don’t know what you’re doing. Remember, potential buyers will occasionally get in-touch to inquire about products. They may need more information just to put their doubts to rest but when they get the feeling that you don’t understand your products, they will leave

So, go for products/services that you are already good at and just transfer them to your online business

  • Choose the right channels for your marketing

I have seen entrepreneurs try to satisfy all social media channels. This is just a recipe for disaster

In my experience, I have found that certain services and products are better suited for different social media channels and strategies.

Just because your friend is doing so well on Instagram doesn’t mean you will too.

Get to understand which platforms work better for your products. Some products are best suited for LinkedIn or twitter or Pinterest or Instagram or Facebook.

  • Remember the mobile shopper

As a digital entrepreneur, you have to understand that 90% of web activity now happens on mobile devices. What does that mean?

Always ensure that your online shop is mobile responsive. Check and recheck the mobile interphase of your shop. Also check for different mobile models and screen sizes.

Your customers must be able to browse and buy your products seamlessly on their mobile devices

  • Collect user info

Find ways of collecting visitor information. Any good website/online store must entice visitors to share their contact details that is “name & email.”

You can use pop up forms, promotions, discounts, free shopping vouchers or free downloads in exchange for their contacts.

This then helps you to retarget them with more of your offers later, or product education until they convert to paying clients

  • Make sure the purchasing process is a smooth one

One of the biggest inconveniences to an online buyer is a complicated checkout process.

Do your best to create a smooth and seamless checkout process. If possible, have the entire process on one or two pages. A lengthy process will turn away buyers

So, now you see that there is no bone to running an online business. If you have any additions or comments, share them below and I will be sure to reply.

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