How To Monetize Your Small YouTube Channel!

Getting monetized on YouTube is increasingly becoming difficult as the terms have become stricter. Even after getting monetized, you still have to be extremely cautious just to make sure your video doesn’t get demonetized.

So, how do you qualify to get monetized?

You need:

  • 1000 subscribers
  • 4000 watch hours
  • 0 copyright strikes
  • 2 step verification

This could take a short time from 5 months to over 2 years depending on your channel niche

So, what do you do if it is taking longer to get monetized?

  • Get into affiliate marketing
    • Amazon FBA
    • Shareasale
    • Clickbank
  • Get sponsorship from other businesses
  • Sell your own products from your shop
  • Create an automated course that people can pay for
  • Provide paid consulting

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