How to Get to Get the Most Value Out of a Facebook Group

Get the best out of Facebook groups

There is so much advise out there about how admins can get the most out of their Facebook groups yet no one talks about the members! How come no one asked, “What makes a great Facebook group member?”

I am a member of a number of groups and I have come to realize that some groups tend to just fall silent and eventually die out. Of course, I always point at the admins whenever I am looking for who to blame but it is not until now that I thought about the members’ role in the success of the group.

So, how can you become a grade A member so that you get the most out of the group?

Have a goal as to why you are joining the group

Always ask yourself, “Why am I joining this group?” If you join a group just because someone invited you, then you will find yourself becoming a passive member.

Whenever something doesn’t satisfy your big why, it ends up becoming a waste of time and energy.

So, always ensure that the group you are joining satisfies your goals in life. These goals could be financial, business, entertainment or spiritual.

Give as much value as you can

When joining a group, come with a heart of service. Groups are similar to masterminds in that the more you serve others, the more you learn. The more you give, the more you grow.

It is no secret that most people only join groups to fish out more clients for their programs/services however, if you make it your mission to give value, you will stand out of the rest of jokers.

People in any group will only want to associate with those they perceive to be more valuable. Incase you want to use the group to network, then remember that value makes you more attractive to anyone.

Also, whenever possible, make sure the value you give in the group is original and meets the standards of the group lest you be evicted from the group.

Be open to learning

I talked with a number of other consultants who didn’t want to engage just because they felt superior to others in the group. Having a mindset of “I know it all” blocks learning. If you feel the world has nothing to offer you then get an island far away from anyone and stay there.

The only way to grow is to learn consistently. Even the wealthiest people in the world still look for opportunities to learn more.

So long as I you have open mind, you will be surprised what you get from the group and in life generally.

 Contribute and engage like crazy.

For those of you who didn’t know, Facebook awards badges for the most engaged people in a group or page. What this means is that you will easily get noticed and can even get more privileges from the admin.

You can therefore ask the admins to even give you a “shoutout” and promote you and your brand to the group members.

Aside from the above, when you are an active student, you learn the most. Think about it, back in school, the most active students got the most understanding from any lesson. The same principle applies here.

Reach out to group members

Connect with members and begin to engage them on a personal level. Please don’t sell straight of the bat. Continue with the quest to provide value to your new connections and let them ask for further help. That is how you will know that you’re giving unique value

I can not emphasize enough that the magic is in the value you give.

There is no point of staying in any community be it Facebook or whatever if you are going to be a corpse.

Wake up, Stand Out and Get Rewarded for what you deserve

Yours Always


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