How to Earn Authority Online

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Think about any area or field where you need the help of an expert. You will always have that one person who comes in mind every time you need a solution in any area.

Let’s say you are researching leadership; you will most likely look for content from John Maxwell or Simon Sinek

If you are looking for digital marketing tips, Gary Vee is one of the leading authorities on the subject.

But how did they get there??? … read on …

You too can become an authority on a subject and this is how you do it:

  1. Pick a niche

I know this comes up a lot whenever you research how to master digital marketing but that just confirms its importance.

The online space has over 2bn people searching for content everyday but guess what, you can’t serve all of them.

Pick a subject that you are already good at, and dive deeper in it. Master it and claim that mountain as the expert on that subject.

  1. Begin to flood your online channels with your knowledge relentlessly

What is the point of knowing so much if it helps no one let alone you? It is in the exchange of knowledge and skills that we grow.

Begin to post about your chosen area of expertise and begin to educate your followers on your different platforms

This will help people to recognize you as an expert on your subject and every time they need a solution in that area, they will just search for your name instead of the topic.

  1. Post regularly

This is different from #2 in that you may post a lot in week one then lose steam for an entire month which then becomes a defeatist strategy.

Posting regularly means you choose a frequency of sharing value and then you stick to it come rain, sunshine, snow, hellfire, whatever.

This will help with two things

  • Your followers will learn to count on you and anticipate your content
  • You will begin to rank higher on google (subject for another day) since google can tell that your platforms have fresh valuable content consistently
  1. Go in depth with your content

If you are going to share, give more than what is expected. Let someone who consumes your content online learn something that they couldn’t easily fins anywhere else. When people get such content for free, it makes it easier for them to buy more from you because of the trust created

  1. Share searched content. What do I mean?

Withing your subject of expertise, there are problems that people search for a lot on Google, YouTube or Bing.

Use the available tools to find out which topics are being searched for and package your posts based on that. This will make your work easy to find for your potential clients/followers. (See article on how to post searched content)

  1. Create a community

Give people the opportunity to join any of your communities whenever they consume your information.

Such communities could include your Facebook groups, email lists, YouTube subscriber, podcast subscriber and many others. This makes it easier to serve them and eventually creates a loyal tribe which will always spread the word about you

So, hope this article was helpful. What other ideas do you have to help digital entrepreneurs earn authority online? Comment below!

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