How to Create Content that People are Looking for

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Have you ever posted a blog/video/podcast and after a month, it had no views?

Well, it has happened to me a number of times. Then I learnt one thing, “don’t just create content because it is what you know. Create content that helps others.”

So, what process must you go through to create content that people are looking for?

  1. Choose a niche – by now you are tired of hearing this but guess what, choosing a niche is a book of its own. Why? Because of how important it is to the success of your business. Learn more here ..
  2. When creating content, use topics that people are looking for online.

How do you know this? There are tools most of which are free to help show you what people are looking for. Then base your titles and content around these questions

Some tools you can use:

Buzzsumo: this is an online platform that allows you to type in their search a keyword like ‘innovation’ and it reveals what people searched for under that keyword

Google search: use google to type a title or key word. when you search, google will also offer related items based on the most recent searches around the world related to that keyword

YouTube search: similar to google, YouTube will also try to predict based on their most searched content. You can then base your post around what you choose

Keywords everywhere chrome extension: this is an extension you can add to chrome browser. When you search for a keyword or phrase, it shows you other searches related to that

What other tools and ideas do you have? Please share in the comments below

Thank you

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