How I Increased My Client Acquisition Rate by Over 75%


I help entrepreneurs to run successful online business by creating high converting websites and virtual sales funnel systems

As a website designer, I operate in one of the most competitive industries of our time since web designers and platforms have emerged like mushrooms all over the place.

So, how have I managed to stand out and snatch clients from my colleagues?

Truth be told, I was a disaster when I started out. Most clients I met in the beginning lost interest in the project even when they were initially committed (I think it had something to do with me)

Everything changed when I started going through Coach Phill’s “World Class Consultants’ Online Course”. As soon as I adapted and implemented less than 30% of what I was learning from the course, my results started to get better.

This is what I have been doing differently

  1. Developed belief in myself and my service

I really had to appreciate the uniqueness and personality I brought to the table. So long as you don’t appreciate your value, it gets difficult to convince the prospect

  1. I chose my niche

I have decided to work with mostly entrepreneurs who have an understanding of the importance of online business. I also prefer to work with trainers/coaches/consultants since because most of my working period has been in that industry and I therefore understand their needs so can serve them better.

  1. Quality leads

When I get on a call with a prospect, I make sure they are committed to the project with or without me. I f the prospect is not sure of doing the project or are just checking for the possibility of online business, I don’t work with them. The times I have, it has ended in a total waste of time

  1. Understand the clients challenge and where they want to go

I always ensure I understand why the client wants to go online and why isn’t it happening yet. Then I explain how we shall move from their current situation to their dreamland. After that, I ask if it is a journey they would want to take on.

  1. Show them what success looks like

The best way I do this is always a demonstration using some of the other projects I have done. I never shy away from sharing the before and after scenarios in terms of lead generation and income

  1. I always Clearly explain what it is going to take to get to the desired result. 

I make sure to the prospect understands that their input will play a big role in the success of the project.

  1. Educate and Leave them with a task that will help improve their business’ online presence

I always give them pointers on what is working in the online business and the best practices they can use to ensure the success of their online business. I also leave them with a simple task such as blogging regularly or improving their social media brand. This helps them appreciate our brief time together and see the value in our interaction


So that is my process. I am still fine tuning it as I go through the course but I must say it is working well so far.


Let me know what your winning process is or any additions you have for me.



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